Book The Bus

Yes, you read that right. Book the Bus! The Noxen coaster is available to book for your fundraiser, personal shopping experience or event.

Book the Bus is our mobile retail store on wheels, here to bring you our range of hooded poncho towels, wide brim hats, and accessories for a unique and engaging shopping experience. The Five Percent Brands coaster is available to book for your fundraiser, personal shopping experience or event.

Why Book the Bus?

Our Book the Bus allows us to provide our customers with a fast and flexible solution to promote our brand and product without being limited to one location. You can meet our amazing staff and experience our Noxen products firsthand.

Our mobile pop-up retail store allows us to connect to new audiences and local communities. There are many reasons to Book the Bus with Noxen, for things like fundraisers, festivals, day or night markets, sporting events, personal shopper, holiday pop-ups and more. Book the Bus lets us travel anywhere and anytime, ready to give you an immersive experience and quality customer service!

Mobile Pop-Up Store

First off, what are mobile pop-up stores? Mobile retail stores are defined as walk-in, mobile, experiential brand showrooms, and retail vehicles. They offer unique value in terms of brand visibility, versatility, and engagement. More importantly, they allow us to showcase our products and brand directly to our customers.

Try out our new arrival products and best sellers through a unique, hands-on experience. Even with the convenience of our online store, our face-to-face experience lets you touch, feel, and learn about our products in person before buying them. Our mobile pop-up retail store allows us to connect with our customers as well as new customers in an exciting way and bring awareness to our brand, our values, and our charities.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple really. Get in touch with us via our contact page below and let's have a conversation about what you're wanting to do.

Secure and easy to set up, our Book the Bus mobile retail store is designed to get everyone engaged with our products and give them excellent customer service. Need to raise money for your club, sports team or school?

Want to do your Christmas shopping from the office carpark or offer quality products for sale at your event? The Noxen bus is a mobile retail store that brings a quality shopping experience to you!

If it's a fundraiser, we can give back a percentage of the profits to your chosen charity. If it's a personal shopping experience, we can give your staff, clients or guests a great deal. If it's an event, we can offer you a real point of difference. We like to make things easy and we'll do what we can to make it work. Book the Bus with Noxen.