Public speaking is next for me

Public speaking is next for me



Wow, what a month it has been, thank you if you played a part or have taken the time to read this blog and engage with us for the first time!

Our sales have moved from friends and family to as far away as Dunedin and Whangarei and via all different search mechanisms on the internet and word of mouth, we are super stoked!

We have just released some combos to get this moving, some good savings to be had so take a look at those :)



After a long hard think about why I am doing this and what it is I want to achieve from this brand, I am firm on my drive to tell my story and get my message out there which is why I have decided to take it to the masses and fully put myself out there.

I hope to focus on a thing called "ruminating thoughts", something that is rarely talked about but is scary as hell!

I am just getting started on the safety aspect for this so if you can offer any tips or guidance on where or what to do, please share.



We need to keep building our audience and this is where you come in, so if you are willing:

  • Invite your friends to LIKE OUR PAGE and add a personal message with the invite. It's really easy, jump on our Facebook page an scroll down the right hand side.
  • SHARE our competitions and posts.
  • LIKE our posts, this helps with the algorithms (tech talk!).
  • PURCHASE one of our products, especially if you were after a tee, hoodie or poncho anyway, besides we make the best ponchos I reckon!
  • REVIEW us on Google or Facebook, even if you haven't purchased yet, just comment on what we are doing. I'll put the links below.


Facebook Review

Google Review



My goal is to generate an income for our family and donate a portion of that, at this stage I am thinking 10% of the previous year's income outside of regular charity and speaking work I do.

We already give monthly to LIFELINE and have from day one. This will be our primary organisation of choice long term for the simple fact that they make a tangible difference at the most critical time!

Ultimately, I just want to be able to give back and this brand will be that vessel.


Thanks for listening and please spread the word!

Todd Hilleard


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