Our story and why

Our story and why

This brand started as an idea to a solution but is becoming much, much more.

In mid 2018 I received a poncho towel as a gift but the XL size, which was their biggest, did not fit me and many others on the market were too expensive. Fast forward a year to now, we have decided to give this a full-time crack.

Our motto, “Ride Every Wave” has meaning behind it which goes deeper that an inference to surf, skate, motocross and other outdoor sports. We want it to encourage, remind and empower you to apply it to life and the daily ups and downs.

We all have people in our lives who battle with mental health and the roller coaster that it can be. For some it is a personal daily struggle and can be as bad as not being able to get out of bed. While some people don't suffer depression or anxiety they will have family and friends that do, so they too become part of their journey.

As a former Police Officer that was going along pretty well my chosen career, it took several events which happened in a short space of time to introduce me to my "black dog". This forever changed my ability to manage things as I used to.

What helped me and continues to help me, because let's face it there is no cure, is to talk about it. My new willingness to open up, share and seek support from those around me is what enables me to keep fighting the often silent fight.

While we want to create a successful business to support our family, we also want to do it with the community around us and give back where we can. Whether that is financially or physically we are always open to ideas, suggestions and partners to collaborate with.

Supporting us will have a flow on effect so when you are thinking about the purchase of a product and we stock it, please keep that in mind.

Talking is walking, so let’s get talking!

Todd Hilleard


  • Lee Nevill

    Bro you no more kids surfing and doing out door sports get more confidence in life it’s a fact. Surfing is not a sport it’s a way of life. Be true to who you are and be mindful of others also look after our beaches and other out door places!

  • Lynette

    You are an inspiration Toddy, and we are glad to know you and support you where we can! Those poncho towels are awesome too just sayin’

  • Nick Fleet

    Awesome Todd,
    Thanks for sharing your journey mate. The “silent fight” can be a tough one for many of us, and a life changer. Opening up to loved ones and mates and knowing “it’s ok” can make all the difference.

  • Karen

    Hi Todd well done you !!! Love watching you and your family invest their love in your business as it grows you are living in paradise and working a business around your passion of surfing and love of family so how good is that ❤️ Katen

  • Darryl Frost

    Kia kaha my bro. Awesome story. Keep doing you!!!

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