Gumboot Friday

Gumboot Friday

I didn't expect my next blog to have a focus on mental heath, my thought process here was influenced by an insecurity that people don't want to hear about your problems all the time and we are a brand so let's talk about products!

However, one person in my local community who has supported us since before we even met in person has kept popping up in my universe over the last few weeks.

He reached out to me to help get us some exposure when we first kicked off and everyday since then I have seen him out in the community pushing collaboration, kindness and positive vibes.

I made it clear in my last post that I believe we are all affected by mental health in some way. What I didn't say was that when you struggle I believe it is far easier to look at others and think, "no way that person is battling", they might understand but nah, they're sweet!

I thanked this person at a community event he organised the other day and his response was to thank me for what I was doing with relation to the community and our goals. This took me by surprise and then it dawned on me that maybe this strong person might understand me a bit more than I think, it turns out I was right.

Today this awesome human laid his soul out there for all to see and was quite confronting with his battles around mental health, the thoughts he has had and the drive and determination he used to fight off his darkest moment.

I know that he and I are going to be great friends but I also know that we are going to both push as hard as we can to keep talking about this stuff and get some real traction.

G.B. you have no idea what impact your openness has had on me today. It was overwhelmingly positive and it reinvigorates my drive to give back via this brand and get out there and talk about this stuff.

To all those struggling, keep fighting the fight, scroll through social media and take note of all those people sharing their stories, liking posts and engaging.

When you're ready, start talking because talking is walking.

Todd Hilleard

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